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8-player co-op strategy/RPG set on Mars during The Red Solstice

In The Red Solstice you control one of the eight space marines that are trying to find out what happened to human colonies on Mars during the huge storm called The Red Solstice. The mix of a dark and gritty Science Fiction setting and addictive adrenaline filled gameplay - based on advanced tactics and quick decisions at the same time - makes for a great atmosphere and gameplay experience.


- 8 player co-op multiplayer
- adrenaline filled and quick tactics focused gameplay
- radically different gameplay with each of 8 different classes
- experience based character advancement system
- set on Mars during the huge storm called The Red Solstice
- dark and gritty survival Sci-Fi story and setting
- fight infinite amounts of monsters during ~1 hour sessions
- scavenge for supplies, fortify the base, defend, evacuate
- Challenging Boss Fights

Game Facts

Title: The Red Solstice
Developer: Ironward
Genre: 8-player co-operative multiplayer action/strategy game
Setting: Science Fiction
Exp. release: 2015